Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pocket books collection

I love books... I mean, I'm not a book worm and I don't read much, but I love visiting bookstores and looking at books, paging them through... As for Sims 2 I also enjoy decorating rooms with books, tons of them. Everywhere. Recently I've been working on a bedroom bookcase and I realized I was in need of smaller size (pocket) books to fit on the shelves. That's how this project was born...

Set includes:
- hardcover pocket books (stacks: MASTER + 5 SLAVE meshes, single book mesh; 3RCs)
- paperback pocket books (stacks: MASTER + 4 SLAVE meshes, single book mesh; 2RCs)
(English & Russian books)
Polycount (for a single object):
Hardcover book - 94
Paperback - 12


 [click on picture to zoom]
Can be found in Decorative > Sculpture. Meshes & RCs by me. Base game compatible.
So many options for mix&match!

 (single books mesh, stacks: MASTER mesh & 5 SLAVE meshes + 3RCs)
(based on my daily planner)

(single books mesh, stacks: MASTER mesh & 4 SLAVE meshes + 2RCs)

(13 meshes) 
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

MTS cosmetics individual items and recolors

I've been requested for single, individual items of my popular cosmetics set I shared some time ago at MTS2... So I've separated them, centered them to the axes and slaved them to the original kits meshes. Here they are. I left my L'Oreal kit untouched, as there's really no need for individual items from it (but I did create 2 more recolors for it). If you need individual makeup items (nail polishes, eyeshadows, etc), grab my pupa collection.
All meshes are SLAVE, but MASTER meshes are included so there's no need for you to go to MTS2 to grab them. If you already have MTS cosmetics set in your downloads folder, just allow them to overwrite.

(MASTER meshes by me included)

(MASTER meshes by me included)

Clearasil scrub - 116
Clearasil Cleanser - 92
Clearasil pads - 140
Fructis conditioner - 248
Fructis leave-in conditioner - 394
Fructis shampoo - 244
Fructis serum - 448
[L'Oreal makeup set - 742]
I am also adding 2 recolors for my L'Oreal makeup kit for darker skin tones. Mesh + other recolors included.
(Mesh + other RCs by me included)

(Clearasil, Garnier kits + all L'Oreal makeup set RCs, meshes included)

(10 meshes) 
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slottified shoe rack

I love deco shoes, but they are always scattered around the rooms, so I decided to create storage racks for them... Here comes the first one as I have promised on Spoilers page. This nifty modern rack has 8 slots (yeah, I've just learned how to create slots :) ) so it fits up to 8 pairs of shoes. It comes in several recolors for sides & shelves subsets. Shoes on pics are not included (see below where to get them).

Meshes & recolors by me. Found in Surfaces > Miscellaneous. Base game compatible.
Price: 250
Polycount: 1864

Shoes on pics (from upper to lower shelf, left to right):
Pumps with 6" heel by giantsquid2000@MTS
Bedroom 13 shoes from
Ballerina shoes by Cassandre (very high-poly)
Shoes by Cassandre (I don't remember where I got them, but they are very high-poly)
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's dolls: Ded Moroz & Snegurochka

Happy New Year, dear Simmers! I wanted to share with you these dolls I've been working on for quite a long time, it took me much longer to create them than was planned. But here they are even though New Year's celebration is pretty much over (however, New Year's holidays are still continuing here, in Russia :)

New Year is a special holiday for many Russian people, it is even more important than Christmas. There are many traditions and symbols of the Russian New Year celebration... Ded Moroz & Snegurochka are two of those symbols. These characters are especially loved by kids, and without them there wouldn't be that special holiday magic children look forward to every year!
Ded Moroz is the prototype of Santa Claus. Literally his name means "Old man Frost" (I know it sounds funny, but that's what he is). He brings holiday presents & sweets in his big red sack.
Snegurochka, a "Snow girl", is Ded Moroz's granddaughter. She helps him entertain children and grown-ups on this very special day of the year.

Anyway, here they are. Snegurochka & Ded Moroz dolls for your Sims homes!

Meshes by me. Found in Decorative > Sculptures. Base game compatible. These figurines are a bit high poly, so use them sparingly.
Snegurochka: 2364 polys
Ded Moroz: 2566 polys

С Новым годом!

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