Thursday, April 26, 2012

"He & She" photoframe

Here's more romantic stuff for this April: a stylish photoframe for your Sim couples. :) Well, there's not much more to say... Just place your Sims' photos into the frame and enjoy!!

It is Basegame compatible & recolorable (photo & frame subsets). Found in Decorative > Sculptures
Mesh & basic RC by me

On pic:
camera by nemestnaya@BPS (not included)
High poly version of the photoframe by me (photo recolor is not included)

The photoframe comes in 2 versions: LOW & HIGH poly. The difference between them is not very much visible from a distance: only smoother shape, the high poly version also uses some reflection settings. But the high-poly version is a bit too high poly, so use it sparingly. Or get low-poly instead.

Low poly version
968 polys

High poly version
3804 polys


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Candle set

Well, I'm back with a little update: a cute set of candles I found the other day on the net... I'm kind of crazy in my head with the spring and all :) so here's more romantic stuff for this April.

5 individual candles (based on Maxis candles). 
Basegame compatible & recolorable (candle & candle holder). 
Can be found in Decorative > Sculptures section of your game catalogue.

Candle #1: MASTER mesh
Candle #2: SLAVE to candle #1
Candle #3: MASTER mesh
Candle #4: SLAVE to candle #3
Candle #5: independent mesh

Candle #1 - 750
Candle #2 - 606
Candle #3, 4, 5 -  246

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pond swans and swan sculpture

Well, I'm back after a short recess with something new for you...
Actually I've been working on request from BPS: a sculpture swan that I later decided to also turn into a pond version. So I've made a male (Master mesh) and female swan (Slave mesh) to be placeable on water surface (without any cheats on, on pic the boolprop cheat was enabled to place the birds close to one another :) ). The two meshes are slightly different in size. The swans might look a bit cartoonish, but oh well at least it's not so high poly. The pond version swans can be placed ONLY on water.

Polycount: 1022

Here is a sculpture version of the swan, much smaller in size (to be uploaded on BPS along with one more object I'm currently working on):

The mesh for sculpture version requires PETS EP installed on your computer! 
Meshes are recolorable.

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