Friday, December 21, 2012

Knitted collection: pillows & cushions

Here's part II of my Knitted collection. These are pillows in 3 different shapes (square, rectangular, round) with tons of recolors for all of you pillow junkies out there :) I hopethese will make your Sims homes even cozier.
Recolors by me, meshes by other creators. All cushion meshes included. Please, report any bugs if found. Enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback if you enjoy these recolors! :)

9 Colorful RCs for square pillow:

(Girl's cushion mesh by 8-3 studios, modified by Gwenke is included)
The original pillow mesh comes with pompons, use RC to make them invisible (included)

 7 Colorful RCs for rectangular pillow:

(MysticRain's Earthliving cushion mesh is included, get SLAVE meshes at BPS)

 7 Colorful RCs for round pillow:

 (Moune's Timeronne round cushion original mesh + SLAVE mesh modified by Gwenke is included,
get more of her cushion mods here)

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Knitted collection: Round Vintage Rugs

Hello!! I'm back after such a long while. I have to admit lots of good and bad things happened during that time... Anyway, I'm starting my comeback with my Knitted Collection project. I love knitting and crocheting. So I decided to create some hand-made goodies for the game.
Here is the crocheted vintage rug in 10 different recolors and designs. Hopefully they will add more coziness to your Sims homes. If you find any problems with these, please let me know. Enjoy...

You need to have Nightlife and CEP (cloned from Maxis Recalling Rug 2x2).
Found in Decorative > Rugs.
Alpha enabled. Only 2 Polys.
Mesh & RCs by me (can be recolored).

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Victory Day (1941-1945)


Today is the most sacred holiday for our people. It marks the end of Great Patriotic War and liberation of the Soviet Union from Nazis. In total almost 27 million Soviet people died during the war including those remaining in the occupied areas and 700 thousands of those starved to death in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) during the blockade that lasted for 872 days...

Nothing is forgotten. Nobody is forgotten. Every family has been affected. Every heart is aching for the lost son, brother, father, grandfather, beloved...
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"He & She" photoframe

Here's more romantic stuff for this April: a stylish photoframe for your Sim couples. :) Well, there's not much more to say... Just place your Sims' photos into the frame and enjoy!!

It is Basegame compatible & recolorable (photo & frame subsets). Found in Decorative > Sculptures
Mesh & basic RC by me

On pic:
camera by nemestnaya@BPS (not included)
High poly version of the photoframe by me (photo recolor is not included)

The photoframe comes in 2 versions: LOW & HIGH poly. The difference between them is not very much visible from a distance: only smoother shape, the high poly version also uses some reflection settings. But the high-poly version is a bit too high poly, so use it sparingly. Or get low-poly instead.

Low poly version
968 polys

High poly version
3804 polys


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Candle set

Well, I'm back with a little update: a cute set of candles I found the other day on the net... I'm kind of crazy in my head with the spring and all :) so here's more romantic stuff for this April.

5 individual candles (based on Maxis candles). 
Basegame compatible & recolorable (candle & candle holder). 
Can be found in Decorative > Sculptures section of your game catalogue.

Candle #1: MASTER mesh
Candle #2: SLAVE to candle #1
Candle #3: MASTER mesh
Candle #4: SLAVE to candle #3
Candle #5: independent mesh

Candle #1 - 750
Candle #2 - 606
Candle #3, 4, 5 -  246

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pond swans and swan sculpture

Well, I'm back after a short recess with something new for you...
Actually I've been working on request from BPS: a sculpture swan that I later decided to also turn into a pond version. So I've made a male (Master mesh) and female swan (Slave mesh) to be placeable on water surface (without any cheats on, on pic the boolprop cheat was enabled to place the birds close to one another :) ). The two meshes are slightly different in size. The swans might look a bit cartoonish, but oh well at least it's not so high poly. The pond version swans can be placed ONLY on water.

Polycount: 1022

Here is a sculpture version of the swan, much smaller in size (to be uploaded on BPS along with one more object I'm currently working on):

The mesh for sculpture version requires PETS EP installed on your computer! 
Meshes are recolorable.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

10k visitors gift: Paris in color (part II)

Here comes part II of my French themed project "Paris in color" in 6 more recolors.
Check previous post to get mesh and other recolors!! No mesh is included here.

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10k visitors gift: Paris in color (part I)

Yay!!!! I have a 10000th visitor today!!
Anyway, this is my gift: as a continuation of my French theme, I'm offering you these amazing wall art photos that I've found at etsy.
They come in 12 recolors with a mesh created by me (12 different color schemes).

NOTE: CEP is required. Base game compatible.
Pictures & frames are both recolorable.
This post includes mesh + 5 recolors (I had to split this upload into 2 parts, because of too many pictures).

Polycount: 254

PICTURES: Make sure you get my maps (rar also includes props and instructions), because this object is a bit difficult to recolor without these maps due to mapping layout: I couldn't get pics mapped in correct ratio in 3D Max, so I had to remap. But with the maps it's so much much easier. Maps have been tested by me.
FRAMES: use solid colors

Download part I
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Parisian collection: black & white pillows (fixed 21.03)

Fixed and updated 21.03.2012:
I've been notified that my pillows are not recolorable. So, trying to figure out what the issue was I found out that the CEP gmnd wasn't really pulled from my Downloads folder (in fact it was somehow gone cannot understand why... hmm...), therefore the designmode option was absent. I had to fix it manually. Now the recolors DO show up in game.
Please, redowload my pillows if you experience recoloring problems.

Well, I've been kind of in a French mood lately: I've viewed my favorite "Amelie from Montmartre" movie and surfed the Internet in search of something French :) And I've found a pic of really cute French-style pillows/cushions in black&white... I know pillows is one thing one can never get enough of when decorating bedrooms or living rooms. So I decided to recreate this set for the Sims 2 game.

I have created 2 RCs for other creators' meshes (kind of had a rest from meshing with these hehe), but I still had to create my own 2 meshes, cuz I couldn't find anything similar to what I needed.

(Girl's cushion mesh by 8-3 studios is included)
(MysticRain's Earthliving cushion mesh is included, get SLAVE meshes at BPS)

(mesh by me, fixed March 21)
Get recolors by  MsTeaQueen @BPS here
(mesh by me, fixed March 21)

pillow #3 - 192
pillow #4 - 392

You need to have CEP installed if you want to recolor!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feminine Intimate Collection



Feminine wash - 322
Pregnancy test - 298
sanitary tissues - 322
birth control pills - 90
pantyliners - 14
sanitary pads - 46
panties - 182


All meshes & recolors by me, deco only. Panties mesh is alpha-enabled. Found in Decorative > Sculptures
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Men's shoes

I have some winter clothes for men uploaded on MTS and looking at them the other day I thought it would be a good idea to take the shoe meshes from them and turn them into deco items.
So... I modified the meshes (and created additional subset for the inner part of the shoe), remapped and even retextured some of them (OMG it was a real nightmare, I will never do this again).
Anyhow, the result of this masochistic work is these 4 men's shoes. Phewwwww... Here they are. Enjoy!

Catalogue Sort: Decorative > Miscellaneous
Price: 200
These should be BASE game
Men's shoes p3, p4: have been remeshed, remapped and retextured (#3 has some barely noticeable texture glitches).

p1 - 524
p2 - 460
p3 - 648
p4 - 688

[Original outfit - Mesh by Maxis, RC in progress]
Download UVmaps
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Linkin Park deco

Well, here's a collection of recolors of my own deco items as a tribute to my favorite alternative band Linkin Park. I had these for quite awhile, just recently added a clock to them. Hope the fellow fans will find need for these items )) Even if you're not a fan, you can still get some new useful meshes. ;) Enjoy.

NOTE: Meshes are included!!!
Wall clock is functional, requires Free Time EP and CEP (as it is a CEP clone of Fighting Llama clock)
Discs can be found in Decorative > Miscellaneous
Collection file is for meshes of course (you need to find LP recolors for them in design mode) :) 

clock - 446
photo - 64

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily planner

This is just another clutter item for your game office desks: the daily planner. It comes in 6 RCs for book, and 3 RCs for pen/pencil (including base package). The base RC for the book was inspired by an Internet pic of a hand-made daily planner.

Catalogue Sort: Decorative > Sculptures
Price: 50

Polycount: 320

On pic (not included): Mug & Valentine's card
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