Thursday, March 15, 2012

10k visitors gift: Paris in color (part II)

Here comes part II of my French themed project "Paris in color" in 6 more recolors.
Check previous post to get mesh and other recolors!! No mesh is included here.

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10k visitors gift: Paris in color (part I)

Yay!!!! I have a 10000th visitor today!!
Anyway, this is my gift: as a continuation of my French theme, I'm offering you these amazing wall art photos that I've found at etsy.
They come in 12 recolors with a mesh created by me (12 different color schemes).

NOTE: CEP is required. Base game compatible.
Pictures & frames are both recolorable.
This post includes mesh + 5 recolors (I had to split this upload into 2 parts, because of too many pictures).

Polycount: 254

PICTURES: Make sure you get my maps (rar also includes props and instructions), because this object is a bit difficult to recolor without these maps due to mapping layout: I couldn't get pics mapped in correct ratio in 3D Max, so I had to remap. But with the maps it's so much much easier. Maps have been tested by me.
FRAMES: use solid colors

Download part I
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Parisian collection: black & white pillows (fixed 21.03)

Fixed and updated 21.03.2012:
I've been notified that my pillows are not recolorable. So, trying to figure out what the issue was I found out that the CEP gmnd wasn't really pulled from my Downloads folder (in fact it was somehow gone cannot understand why... hmm...), therefore the designmode option was absent. I had to fix it manually. Now the recolors DO show up in game.
Please, redowload my pillows if you experience recoloring problems.

Well, I've been kind of in a French mood lately: I've viewed my favorite "Amelie from Montmartre" movie and surfed the Internet in search of something French :) And I've found a pic of really cute French-style pillows/cushions in black&white... I know pillows is one thing one can never get enough of when decorating bedrooms or living rooms. So I decided to recreate this set for the Sims 2 game.

I have created 2 RCs for other creators' meshes (kind of had a rest from meshing with these hehe), but I still had to create my own 2 meshes, cuz I couldn't find anything similar to what I needed.

(Girl's cushion mesh by 8-3 studios is included)
(MysticRain's Earthliving cushion mesh is included, get SLAVE meshes at BPS)

(mesh by me, fixed March 21)
Get recolors by  MsTeaQueen @BPS here
(mesh by me, fixed March 21)

pillow #3 - 192
pillow #4 - 392

You need to have CEP installed if you want to recolor!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feminine Intimate Collection



Feminine wash - 322
Pregnancy test - 298
sanitary tissues - 322
birth control pills - 90
pantyliners - 14
sanitary pads - 46
panties - 182


All meshes & recolors by me, deco only. Panties mesh is alpha-enabled. Found in Decorative > Sculptures
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Men's shoes

I have some winter clothes for men uploaded on MTS and looking at them the other day I thought it would be a good idea to take the shoe meshes from them and turn them into deco items.
So... I modified the meshes (and created additional subset for the inner part of the shoe), remapped and even retextured some of them (OMG it was a real nightmare, I will never do this again).
Anyhow, the result of this masochistic work is these 4 men's shoes. Phewwwww... Here they are. Enjoy!

Catalogue Sort: Decorative > Miscellaneous
Price: 200
These should be BASE game
Men's shoes p3, p4: have been remeshed, remapped and retextured (#3 has some barely noticeable texture glitches).

p1 - 524
p2 - 460
p3 - 648
p4 - 688

[Original outfit - Mesh by Maxis, RC in progress]
Download UVmaps
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